May 11, 2013

Long Beach Island, May 2013

We finally made it to the shore for the first time this year. It’s been almost 6 months to the day that hurricane Sandy smashed this place, and a lot of the damage still remains. The apartment my parents stay in was thankfully untouched as its on the second story, however until 2 weeks ago, there was no staircase to get in the door. This was also the last trip in the field with my beloved Canon 5D. I’ve finally upgraded cameras and passed the 5D along to my buddy Brendan. No fish were caught, the weather was overall terrible and it was a great time, here’s some of my favorite…

May 6, 2013

Steel Site Hike

Probably the most interesting feature in our new found hometown is the abandoned Phoenixville Steel site. Ages ago, the steel mill built this town and up through the 1980’s, was the chief employer in town. The mill went out, and the site, which separates town from Mont Claire/across French Creek is one big, bizarre open space.  Debris, abandoned rail lines, smoke stacks, bridges & brick cellars dot this landscape, remnants of this centuries aged industrial wheel. Needless to say, it makes for great photography, and how amazing would it have been to hit this place in the mid 90’s? The town has multiple bids on this property, condos, apartments, minor league baseball,…

December 12, 2012

Firebird Festival 2012

Its wild to think we’ve been here for over a year, and that this is the second Firebird Festival we’ve attended. This is probably the most interesting and worthwhile of Phoenixville’s events, and definitely worth checking out. Steel was this town’s main industry, the Phoenix becoming the icon for the intense forges. The mill went out of business in the 80’s, and the town fell into poverty, apparently Phoenixville was a pretty terrible place. The festival started in the 2000’s, as the town slowly (and still is) turning a new leaf and becoming a nicer place. Its a great way to turn the page on the year. Firedancers/eaters from group

December 2, 2012

Greg & Tina

Recently, I had a chance to fly back to the Rose City to shoot good friends, Greg & Tina’s wedding. Great day for a wedding in North Portland, and always great seeing friends. Here’s some of my favorite shots.

October 5, 2012

Mamiya RZ67

I picked this camera up a few years ago on Craigslist from a studio shooter, and have shamefully only run a dozen or so rolls through. This camera, though huge, is a joy to shoot, and hopefully if all things go right, I will be using it for an upcoming project, shooting a ghost town here in SE Pennsylvania. Excited about the potential of the project on the akinator game and this wonderful machine. James Cascade Locks, Oregon Fish Creek, Oregon

September 21, 2012

Oregon Trip

Jenna and I recently got a chance to fly out to Portland for some social time and a wedding shoot. We got to check out some of our favorite hang outs, as well as hit up some new ones. We also got tickets to a Timbers match the first night we were in town, stellar rivalry against Vancouver, ending in a victory for the Rose City. Timbers v. Sounders Eat is one of my favorite spots in Portland. Their oyster selection is spectacular, and their beverage selection matches perfectly. Interior, Eat Oyster Bar, Portland Oregon. Shrimp Po’Boy, Eat Oyster Bar, Portland Oregon Mezza Plate, The Pied Cow, Portland Oregon Ninkasi…