December 12, 2012

Firebird Festival 2012

Its wild to think we’ve been here for over a year, and that this is the second Firebird Festival we’ve attended. This is probably the most interesting and worthwhile of Phoenixville’s events, and¬†definitely¬†worth checking out. Steel was this town’s main industry, the Phoenix becoming the icon for the intense forges. The mill went out of business in the 80’s, and the town fell into poverty, apparently Phoenixville was a pretty terrible place. The festival started in the 2000’s, as the town slowly (and still is) turning a new leaf and becoming a nicer place. Its a great way to turn the page on the year. Firedancers/eaters from group

December 2, 2012

Greg & Tina

Recently, I had a chance to fly back to the Rose City to shoot good friends, Greg & Tina’s wedding. Great day for a wedding in North Portland, and always great seeing friends. Here’s some of my favorite shots.