May 6, 2013

Steel Site Hike

Probably the most interesting feature in our new found hometown is the abandoned Phoenixville Steel site. Ages ago, the steel mill built this town and up through the 1980’s, was the chief employer in town. The mill went out, and the site, which separates town from Mont Claire/across French Creek is one big, bizarre open space.  Debris, abandoned rail lines, smoke stacks, bridges & brick cellars dot this landscape, remnants of this centuries aged industrial wheel. Needless to say, it makes for great photography, and how amazing would it have been to hit this place in the mid 90’s? The town has multiple bids on this property, condos, apartments, minor league baseball, who knows what is going to happen. The township has hit this area pretty hard in the last year, demolishing the remaining smoke stacks, digging roadways through the property and knocking out a decent section of the abandoned rail line so something is in the works. Until then, its a great place to shoot photos.

Lumber from a Collapsed Outbuilding

Vines on a Rail Trestle


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