April 10, 2018

2018 Update

It’s been almost a year since I’ve posted some content here and after some time away I’ve come back to this place. For a couple years, I’ve focused heavily on turning my blog into an information share about my thrifting and flipping endeavors and I’m over it.

I’ve been selling old stuff at flea markets and online since I was a kid. The last two years have been a fun experiment in documenting my trials online however when it comes down to it nobody is coming here for that content and the idea of producing more content on the subject makes me mildly ill.

I am sure the flipping community is great and all but it seems like everyone who has sold on ebay now has a YouTube channel publishing vague hints and braggadocios success so I’m done.

This blog is going back to what it always really was. A photo blog. Stay tuned. I picked up some fun and new-to-me gear that I can’t wait to use and write about. Thank you so much for stumbling into my blog!


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